Adobe InDesign Essential Training

Course description

This two-day course in Adobe InDesign is meant to teach you how to create beautiful but also functional layouts. With the word layout you can think of books, posters, cv’s, presentations, figures and many more. You will be introduced to the Adobe workspace and you will be able to combine photos, graphics, illustrations, tables, charts and text with a remarkable ease.


What will you learn

This course starts with basic theory in Adobe InDesign and goes into depth practice of all the necessary tools to create stunning layouts. Special attention is paid to the creation of a thesis book, poster/document layout and figure design. You will be given several exercises to practice depending your goals.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Understand the main functionality and structure of the program
  • Navigate through the different tools and functions
  • Create and save new documents
  • Define “Master Pages” and understand their powerful use
  • Place and format your text
  • Import, create and format tables
  • Build large and complex layouts such as a PhD dissertation
  • Design attractive and functional posters
  • Create professional layouts for your CV or motivation letter
  • Understand the differences between print and screen colors
  • Export problem-free PDFs
  • Understand the importance of typography


Target group

We recommend this course to PhD candidates with no previous knowledge in Adobe InDesign. The skills they will gain from this course will help them layout their projects professionally and in less amount of time.



  • Iliana’s training about Adobe InDesign was very valuable since she does not only have plenty of experience in thesis and cover designs, but is also very enthusiastic in sharing her knowledge. Iliana has been very helpful in getting to know the program, answering all kinds of questions and it was a very nice, though intense 2-day course!,
  • "The course to learn how to use Adobe Indesign is excellent, thanks Iliana! The 2 day course was intense since there is so much to learn about the program, but everything is explained really clearly. I have to wait a few more months before doing my PhD thesis layout, but what I learned in the course is already useful for doing other things. Designing a beautiful and professional looking CV is really easy in Indesign (though I still need lots of practice with the program), I'll never use Word again for that sort of document",
  • "The InDesign Essential Training was super helpful and super fun! I started using the program for other things right after the course and I am excited to integrate it into my 'daily work',
  • "The course gave me confidence that I could manage the layout of my PhD thesis book and that it also can be fun instead of only stressful. I know where to find great advice and inspiration when I need it!",
  • "The hands-on course “Adobe InDesign Essential Training” is a great start for complete beginners to this program. During the course we were shown how to work with the program and did it step by step ourselves as well. As it is a very difficult program to use I still need to learn a lot, but as Iliana showed the basics and what is possible with Adobe InDesign, I will be able to find out the rest myself while using the program for my thesis-booklet",