Dissertation - Proefschrift

Title:QMILK FAT TRIACYLGLYCEROLS: Their variability, relations with fatty acids, DGAT1, β polymorphs and melting fractions

Cover design, Title pages, Propositions design, Layout of the book

Omslag ontwerp, Titel pagina's, Stellingen ontwerp, Layout van het boek
  • Client/KlantDaylan Amelia Tzompa Sosa
  • Skills/VaardighedenPhotoshop/InDesign
  • Defence date/Promotie datumMay 18, 2016
  • Institution-Organization/Instelling-OrganisatieWageningen University
  • Reference/Aanbeveling "Being a person with limited graphic creativity and without knowledge on design packages, I found Iliana’s help invaluable. Also very important was that she helped me to keep track of the deadlines. Iliana did a wonderful job designing the cover and the layout of my thesis. I love my book! I highly recommend her services to anybody in their last phase of the PhD, when time is limited and deadlines have to be met", Daylan