Dissertation - Proefschrift

Title:Hormonal signaling in plant immunity

Cover design, Title pages, Layout of the book

Omslag ontwerp, Titel pagina's, Layout van het boek
  • Client/KlantLotte Caarls
  • Skills/VaardighedenPhotoshop/InDesign
  • Defence date/Promotie datumMay 18, 2016
  • Institution-Organization/Instelling-OrganisatieUniversity of Utrecht
  • Reference/Aanbeveling"Iliana designed the layout and the cover for my thesis and I can recommend her to anyone. Working with her was care-free. She was really easy to communicate with. She quickly grasped what I liked the layout of the book to look like and the first draft was already great. The cover took a bit more work, but she kept going until I was completely happy. She designed multiple covers and let me choose from them, which I appreciated. Most importantly, I am really happy with how the book looks in the end! She is also very experienced with printing books and therefore could give me advice on what printing company to work with. I also liked that she gave me a pdf version of the thesis which looks great (including cover and back) and an image of the cover that I could then use for designing extra party invitations.", Lotte