Cover - Omslag

Title:Intensification of chlorine processing

Cover design and Invitation

Omslag ontwerp en Uitnodiging
  • Client - KlantSlaviša Jović
  • Skills - VaardighedenPhotoshop/InDesign
  • Defence date - Promotie datumDecember 15, 2016
  • Institution - Organization/Instelling-OrganisatieTechnical University of Eindhoven
  • Reference - Aanbeveling"Although the topic was relatively different from her previous work, Iliana was not afraid of the challenge and tackled it superbly! Initial ideas were combined and worked out into an awesome cover! I am delighted with the outcome but also with the communication that we had during the process, Iliana's response to comments and further development of suggestions. Keep up the great work!", Slaviša