Logo design for the study association in English and Dutch.

Logo ontwerp voor het studie vereneging in het Engels en Nederlands.
  • Client/KlantSemper Florens (Study association of Plant Sciences, Plant biotechnology and Organic agriculture)
  • WebsiteSemper Florens
  • Skills/VaardighedenIllustrator
  • Period/PeriodeOctober 2013
  • Place/PlaatsWageningen - The Netherlands
  • Reference/Aanbeveling"Besides many of her more detailed work, Iliana was asked to develop a logo for our association which was more abstract. From this result she shows that she can work very diverse, and she takes every collaboration as a challenge towards a magnificent result. Right now, having the most smashing logo of all study associations, we feel very thankful to Iliana for her work", Jelmer Zandbergen - Former member of the study association