Scientific Artwork – Data Visualisation and Infographics with Adobe Illustrator


Learning objectives

Our goal is to introduce Adobe Illustrator and help you design vector graphics, graphs & illustrations. Starting from scratch, you will discover how to navigate the program, draw your illustrations, and develop your infographics. You will be provided with a straightforward manual so you can always look back when you have a new designing challenge. You will be trained to recognize a good and lousy infographic design and improve your designs with simple but necessary designing techniques.


To follow the course you need a laptop, having Adobe Illustrator installed in the English language. You will receive a printed manual which is also written in English, so it makes it easier to follow the theory and practicals. Also, remember to have a mouse or a graphic tablet to work during the sessions since the mousepad of the laptop will make your work difficult. Since the course is online and the sessions are interactive, a microphone and a camera are obligatory in the course’s participation.


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